Chris Shaw

Paris, France

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chris shaw `s artistic practice comprises photo books ,exhibitions ,and hand printed archive prints,the books include, Life as a night porter(twin palms 2006)an A3-sized monograph capturing the life and lifestyle of a night porter in london 1993-2004..also .. Before and after night porter(kehrer 2012)then Weeds OF Wallasey(superlabo )2013 horizon icon(adad)...and retrospecting sandy hill (morel books ) both november 2015 chris shaw has 90 prints in the tate collection -15 in frac nantes several in the carniege pittsburg- horizon icons exhibited at honore paris november 2015 night porter series recently exhibited by agnes.b at her paris gallery gallery du jour(feb2016)…60 weeds of wallasey in landskrona photo festival sweden(2015) exhibited at Tate Britain in 2014, night porter in moscow muséum of Photography may 2014 also weeds of wallasey in aura Gallery beijing in 2014.. first solo show in the cafe tabac cafe bold st liverpool in 1991. has lived in paris twice- the second time from 2009… makes and sells his own prints.. works with black and white film..and fibre based printing paper…success is doing the thing that makes you successful ..


BA hons audio visual studies(photography) at west surrey college of art
86 – 89 farnham surrey


winner 1st prize fashion photography, independent on sunday (london newspaper)


life as a night porter at camera press, london
night poter at rencontres arles, ARLES
night porter at open eye gallery, LIVERPOOL
life as a night porter at 779 gallerie, PARIS rue de poitou
october 2008
night porter at hup gallery, Amsterdam
tokyo photo festival at shibuya, tokyo
march 2013
before and after night porter at TATE BRITAIN, London, UK
paris photo at theresa luscoti gallery, paris photo grand palais
june 2014
night porter at moscow museum of photography, Moscow, Russia
may 2014
weeds of wallasey at aura gallery, Beijing, China
2014 sept
weeds of wallasey at zen photo gallery, tokyo
march 2015
weeds of wallasey at format derby, derby u.k.
march 2015
chris shaw at hong kong photobook festival, hong kong arts centre wan chai
weeds of wallasey at landskrona museum/landskona photo festival, landskrona sweden
horizon icons at galerie rue visconti, Paris, France
may 2016
london photo at galerie du jour, agnes b gallery london photo festival
feb 2016
night porter at agnes b gallerie du jour, Paris, France
june -2016
paris photo grande palais at agnesb gallerie du jour, Paris, France
march 2018
small mornings at inbetween gallery, rue chapon ,paris 75003


  • black and white photography


  • printing archival black and white..