chris shaw photographer

chris shaw photographer

the sandy hill estate

sandy hill estate is a housing estate(project in usa)in the south of england between farnham and aldershot on the hampshire county border.
it comprises a collection of public and private housing stock with an interesting architectural detail most of the housing fronts open onto small inner courtyards with the rear off the houses opening onto rows of lock-up garages connected to a semi- circular road around the estate,one way in one way out but also quite like a racetrack with the houses in the middle.
it was here between 1986-1990 that while studying(feeling alienated )at a local art college i started taking photographs,giving people prints for free,this led me from subject to subject..everyone was obsessed with cars and bykes,everyone was working.

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  • Type reportage, sandy hill estate, documentary portraiture, working class in the south of england,

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